Unarmed Services:

Our standard service places an experienced security officer in full uniform to deter criminal mischief. Through our Specialized Guarding training program each officer performs site specific job tasks relevant to your business operations in addition to performing foot patrols, monitoring all activity, executing evacuation plans while accurately reporting all activity-taking in their Daily Activity Reports.

 Service includes:

  • Static Uniformed Officer
  • Installation of Tour Confirmation System (TOCO)
  • “No Trespassing” Security Signs
  • *On Site Bicycle*
  • *On Site Cell Phone*
  • Customized Job Tasks
  • On Site Vehicle*


Armed Services:

Our premium service places an armed Security Officer, experienced to properly defend and defuse any situation without further escalation at your place of business. Each officer is properly licensed, insured and trained to perform at a high level and are required to report all activity in our Daily Activity Reports.

Premium Service includes:

  • Stationed Armed Security Officer
  • “No Trespassing” Security Signs
  • On Site Cell Phone
  • Firearm
  • Baton


Marked Patrol Services:

Our Environmentally-Friendly Patrol Services work to provide a visible deterrent to larger properties; offering either a pre-determined amount Spot Checks to any facility during specified time slots or as a Static Patrol vehicle conducting continuous patrols.

Spot Check Service includes:

  • Fully Marked Patrol Vehicle
  • Uniformed Security Officer
  • “No Trespassing” Security Signs
  • On Site Cell Phone


Special Event Security:

We can successfully coordinate the security operation for any venue of any size. Our service will reflect the sophistication of your event with officers wearing either Standard Uniform or buttoned Security Blazer. The experience of our officers handling crowd control, access control, guest screening, VIP’s in addition to our ability to effectively meet the needs of any venue manager and law enforcement agency will ensure the success of your event.

Service includes:

  • Special Event Supervisor
  • Special Event Security Officers
  • Two -Way Radios
  • Metal Detectors*
  • Tear gas/Pepper Spray

Partnering with Hammer Head Protection Inc. guarantees a proactive & dedicated team of professionals who are committed to the wellbeing of your organization by offering Customized Security Plans that fit your individual needs & location.

Our consultants customize a security plan to fit your budget and your business’s specific needs after a facility walk through & vulnerability assessment. We follow up with a completely tailored Specialized Guarding training session, where each officer is provided necessary customer knowledge and trained for site-specific job tasks, enabling them to flourish in your workplace.

Our Officers are extensively trained in the following security modules:

First Aid/CPR certified 
Crowd Control
Parking/Traffic Control
Evacuation Procedure
Handling Difficult People
Officer Safety
Workplace Violence
Access Control
Baton Re-qualification Course (Armed Officer Only)
Firearm Re-qualification Course (Armed Officer Only)