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Our approved BSIS training courses cover all Guard Card Requirements in a personalized classroom setting:

Class A

Initial Guard Card Class (8 Hours)

Mandatory Courses

Powers to Arrest

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Terrorism Awareness.

Class B*

Required Within First 30 Days (16 Hours)

Mandatory Courses

Public Relations

Observation & Documentation

Communication and Its Significance

Liability/Legal Aspects

Class C*

Required within First 6 Months (16 Hours)

Elective Courses

Crowd Control

Company Policies/ Orientation

Officer Safety

Access Control

Evacuation Procedures



About Firearm Classes

Call for Upcoming “Class B” or

“Class C” classes

call (877) 505-6463



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*Required by BSIS, failure to comply could result in individuals License SUSPENDED or REVOKED.


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