As a provider to gated communities, apartment complexes, and retirement homes we understand we are there for more than just ensuring the safety of all its residents. We take the initiative to become the eyes and ears of your neighborhood and strive to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. We work closely with the residents of your community to address any issues or concerns they may arise and aim to create a safe and friendly environment for all residents.



Retail Centers 

We understand the wide range of skills demanded of our officers while serving at retail locations such as shopping centers, retail chains, restaurants and supermarkets. As the leading authority figures, we know we will be looked upon to address any number of issues, ranging from theft, monitoring of suspicious activity to reuniting lost children with their parents. We guarantee the professional yet sensitive demeanor of our officers will promote that feeling of safety and security for every customer, employee and visitor who walks through those doors.



Industrial Centers

Our strong understanding of the diverse risks commonly associated with in the manufacturing/industrial industries and use our extensive experience in this sector to develop a security plan which will effectively reduce those risks. We know assets used in this industry total in the hundreds of millions of dollars and any unexpected downtime can cause irrefutable financial damage to our clients. Our strategic approach begins with securing the facility against any possible vulnerability and secondly enforcing all safety rules/procedures to successfully instill a safe working environment for every employee.




Securing any construction facility relies heavily on protecting the assets which get the job done. Our team proactively responds to new & changing requirements as your project evolves through its many stages. The goal is to maximize your team’s performance by maintaining a secure environment free of theft and loss while reducing your liability.



Special Events

We offer the same professional service and affordable rates to our clients who only require our services on a short term basis as well. Whether it be a private party, sporting event, concert or carnival, we encourage you to speak with one of our consultants and discover how you can receive the same great benefits at a low cost. We pride ourselves in upholding a professional and sophisticated atmosphere for all your guests and are confident our level of excellence will have you returning for all your private security needs.