Residential/HOA Security

As a provider to residential communities, apartment complexes, and Homeowner Association’s we take the initiative by becoming the eyes and ears of each neighborhood and always strive to leave lasting impressions on every resident. We work closely with the residents of our communities to investigate issues or address matters as they arise and aim to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all residents.



Property Management Firms

The flexible nature of our services prove to be extremely invaluable for Property Management Firms who enjoy reduce pricing and streamlined communication through a single, dedicated security service vendor. By bundling multiple residential and commercial properties together under a single Client Portfolio, Property Managers are able to dispatch a wide and diverse range of services for the diverse needs of their properties.



Retail Centers 

We understand the wide range of skills demanded of security personnel serving at retail centers. As leading authority figures, our officers will be looked upon to address any number of issues that will arise; ranging from theft to reuniting lost children with their parents. The presence of out officer on foot, bike or vehicle will deter unwanted activity, provide an additional set of watchful eyes and promote a secure atmosphere for every customer and employee.



Commercial Properties

Our strong understanding of the industry provides us with the insight to implement complex job tasks and security policies for manufacturing/processing plants. Our extensive experience in this sector will allow us develop a security plan aimed at improving safety and maintaining plant efficiency. We realize any unexpected downtime can cause irrefutable financial damage for out clients therefore we place the most importance on access control and perimeter security. Out approach begins with the security the facility itself followed by enforcement of all safety policies and emergency procedures.



Construction Site Security

Securing construction facilities is centered around monitoring high value assets required to complete the project while also preventing damage or vandalism to completed areas. Out team will proactively monitor and respond to the new & changing environment of the project and remain well informed as the project continues to evolve throughout each stage. Out goal is to maximize the construction team’s performance by maintaining a secure environment free of theft and loss while reducing liability for out clients.



Special Events

Whether it be a sporting event, concert, festival or wedding we encourage you to speak with one of our team members to discover how Hammer Head Security can assist. With Executive, Hard and Soft profile uniforms, we pride ourselves in upholding a professional and safe atmosphere for all your guests, giving you the confidence to return for all your event needs.